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6 pr gun and carriage - Gribeauval type

6 pr gun and carriage - Gribeauval type



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Said to have been captured at Waterloo with Nos. XIX.63-66, 68-69, 70, 74-76 and 157.

Physical Description

This gun, of Gribeauval type, is inscribed near the muzzle with the name LE MARS. The breech bears the cypher of Napoleon I and the base-ring is inscribed METZ LE 29 MARS 1813. The weight in avoirdupois 7-2-24 is stamped by the vent. The name of the founder is found on the cascabel. The housing for the rear sight is cut virtually into the cascabel and just to the left is incised the number 17 The gun is mounted on a carriage similar to those of Nos,74, 75, 76.


Dimensions: Length: 65.3 in (165.8 cm), Length overall: 70.3 in (178.5 cm), Diameter of trunnions: 3.75 in, Diameter of muzzle: 8 in, Diameter of breech: 10 in Weight: 7 cwt 2 qtr 24 lb (392 kg)


Serial Number None visible


3.75 in (9.53 cm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion in kilograms 392 Right trunnion 93


Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, P.126.


'Commissaire des Fontes' at Strasbourg, 1804-8 and at Metz 1808-13. (christian names unknown).