Object Title

Centrefire automatic rifle - Heckler and Koch G36

Centrefire automatic rifle - Heckler and Koch G36


made 1998

Object Number



UK Ministry of Defence.

Physical Description

Barrel protrudes from the fore-end, with bird cage flash suppressor and a bayonet stud on a collar. Polymer furniture with smooth fore-end slotted along the tops of the sides, showing the gas system with its operating rod and spring. Top of the receiver has a sight with two apertures - one magnified, and one with a sliding light cover which projects a red dot. This sight unit incorporates a carrying handle which runs forwards to the fore-end. Cocking handle is on top of the receiver below the carrying handle, with a spring-tensioned handle that can be pulled to either side allowing ambidextrous use. Ejection port on the right side with shaped case deflector. Magazine housing on the underside with release lever at the back end. Three-position change lever on the left side, above the swept-back pistol grip. Skeleton-type polymer buttstock with rubber butt pad, hinged on the right side with a button release for folding against the receiver.


Machining, Moulded, Forging



BarrelLength18.9 in
BarrelLength480 mm
OverallLength39.29 in
OverallLength998 mm
OverallWeight3.6 kg
OverallWeight7.94 lbs


Serial Number 83-1047


5.56 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof mark
German eagle over N, KI, antler
Left side of receiver
Model and manufacturer
HK G36 Kal. 5.56mmx45
Left side of receiver