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Centrefire self-loading pistol - Luger P08

Centrefire self-loading pistol - Luger P08


made 1917

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Transferred to the Ministry of Defence Pattern Room via the National Museums Consortium from the Home Office Firearms Compensation Scheme, 1997, June 2004

Physical Description

Originally made in 1917, the toggle breech is a later replacement being stamped with the post 1936 Mauser factory code S/42.
The pistol is also marked with an additional date 1920 which was the '1920' property stamp of the Reichswehr (Weimer republic).
It was their property stamp in relation to the 'Disarming-the-people law of 7th August 1920. This law required citezens to hand in any military firearms for 100 marks reward. The stamp was struck to stop fraud.
The front strap is marked S.B.3633 and S.B.M.III.1.106 struck over.


BarrelLength3.93 in
BarrelLength100 mm
OverallLength220 mm
OverallWeight0.87 kg


Serial Number 2903d


9 x 19 mm Parabellum


Places Germany