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Flintlock muzzle-loading military carbine - Pattern 1756/77 Royal Horse Guards (Blues)

Flintlock muzzle-loading military carbine - Pattern 1756/77 Royal Horse Guards (Blues)



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Lockplate is flat, with bevelled edges and teat at rear. Rounded integral pan with bridle. Engraved across tail, TOWER, ahead of cock, crowned GR. Cock is flat with bevelled edges, swan-neck, with thin flat comb, profile having tip curl inwards.
Stocked to the muzzle with no provision for a bayonet. The barrel retained by three pins. The fore-end terminates in a slight swell and has no cap. Three ramrod pipes, the upper trumpet pipe missing. The trigger guard, escutcheon and butt plate are slightly reduced versions of the Land Pattern. The sideplate is flat with a bevelled edge and is French sporting pattern, with a wood screw at the rear. Sling bar of 9 inches length is attached by the rear lockscrew and at the front by a screw through the fore-end from the right side. Stock carving round the barrel tang in imitation of shell carving, crudely done. Handrail butt of standard pattern. No provision for sling swivels.
Full round barrel with baluster turning at breech, stamped with Government proof marks. Iron blade foresight braised into barrel 2.5 inches from the muzzle


BarrelLength37.28 inches
BarrelLength947 mm
OverallLength1335 mm


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