Object Title

4.5 in Mortar and bed - Coehorn Mortar

4.5 in Mortar and bed - Coehorn Mortar



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Royal Ordnance Factory, Kings Meadow Rd, Nottingham

Physical Description

Comprising breech trunnions, vent field, vent field astragal and fillets, first reinforce, first reinforce ring, chase and muzzle mouldings. Engravings clearly legible other than that of Cornelius King on vent filed astragal and fillets. Somewhat rubbed away due to over cleaning.


Dimensions: Length: 12 in, Maximum overall diameter: 7.25 in Weight: 381 kg


Serial Number None visible


4.5 in

Inscriptions and Marks

'0-3-18' in vent field below vent 'Cornelius King 1819' on vent field astragal and fillets '125' foundry number on underside just below vent fild astragal and fillets. Monogram of George III on reinforce


Places Britain


Cornelius King Son of John King, was appointed foreman at the Royal Brass Foundry at Woolwich in 1805, and on the death of his father was promoted to Assistant Founder. On the retirement of his uncle, Henry King, he remained in charge of the foundry with the rank of Acting Founder. He retired in 1822 to be succeeded by William North.