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Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Avenger

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Avenger

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

The 'Avenger' 9 mm SMG is a homemade 'Sten' style SMG with a side folding buttstock, matching suppressor and a vertical magazine well. It uses a Sten magazine with a square version of the Sterling bolt to feed off it. - It will not use a Sterling magazine -. There is no safety; it is an open bolt, full automatic weapon.The bolt is a wrap around the barrel style with an interesting forward recoil/return spring. In the rear reciever, there is a heavy coil spring floating, for final buffering. The ejector is replaceable with two screws. The barrel is not rifled.
The suppressor screws onto the barrel and is a sealed unit, with a ported tube inside for 3/4 of its length, the final 1/4 is baffled.


Serial Number 303


9 mm