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Centrefire automatic rifle - Automatiku SHqiptar- Model of1982 (ASH-82)

Centrefire automatic rifle - Automatiku SHqiptar- Model of1982  (ASH-82)



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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

A selective-fire assault rifle based on the Chinese Type 56 design with the pressed metal receiver. It is fitted with an integral under-folding tri-angular bayonet. Apart from the unique design of folding-bayonet and front-sight with full-hood, the ASH-82 is indisinguisable externally from the baseline Soviet/Russian AKM design.


Serial Number 032659-86


7.62 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Rear-sight leaf
Sighted to 800 metres in 100 metre increments. The 'battle-setting' (0-300 metres) is indicated by the traditional Chinese export marking of 'D'.
Serial Number block:
Six digit serial number with last two digits of the year of manufacture seprated by a hyphen. (032659-86)
Located on the Left-Hand-Side (LHS) of theTrunnion Block/Barrel Extention.
Hand Stamped.
This weapon which was recovered from the conflict zone in Kososvo/FormervRepublic of Yugoslavia in1999 is marked with the letters 'UCK', representing 'Ushtria Clirimtaree Koseves'RHS of lower fore-end
Fire-Selector Lever markings
Upper letter 'A' donates 'automatic-fire' position, lower position indicating 'single-shot' mode of fire indicated by the figure'1'.
On Right-Hand-Side(RHS) of receiver, adjacent to selector-lever cut-outs.
Crudely applied by machine or by hand