Object Title





Object Number

VII.3146 A


Presumed Old Tower Collections. First registered by Valuations Team c. 1990: location when found not given.

Physical Description

Short length of wooden haft with pointed shoe offerrous metal which has two langets, each originally secured to the haft by three screws (one now missing). The 'head' end of the haft ends in a long diagonal break extending partly under one langet.


Dimensions: Overall length: 562 mm (22.1 in), haft diameter: 34 mm (1.3 in), shoe length, including langets: 280 mm (11.0 in) Weight: 480 g (1 lb 3/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Britain


It is possible that this is one of the weapons damaged by the IRA bomb in the White Tower in 1974. It may be from the same pike as VII.3146 B but this is not certain as a quantity of damaged weapons were taken away by the police as evidence and not all were returned (inf. PJL ex inf. Graeme Rimer, 02/07/1997).