Object Title

8 in mortar and bed

8 in mortar and bed



Object Number



Formerly Royal Arsenal Estate, Woolwich 342 . Bed: 345.

Physical Description

The barrel is of similar proportions to the larger 13in pattern. The weight 8-3-7 above the vent. The right trunnion is engraved with the letter S. The left trunnion is engraved II and is fitted with a brass plate engraved 342 RA ESTATE. An 8in shell is fitted to the muzzle and has a brass plate engraved with 342 RA ESTATE.

Original bed with four running up horns. The capsquares are secured with straps. The rear transom is marked with a Broad Arrow. The left cheek of the bed is marked with the weight 11-1-0. The left cheek also has a brass plate attached engraved 345 RA ESTATE. The bolster is not present. The right cheek is marked No.1


Dimensions: Length: 28 in (71.1 cm), Bed length: 45 in (114.3 cm), Bed width: 22.38 in (57 cm) Weight: 8 cwt 3 qtr 7 lb (447.7 kg), Bed : 11 cwt 1 qtr (571.5 kg)


Serial Number None visible


8 in (20.3 cm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Right trunnion: Engraved with letter S Left trunnion: Engraved II


Places Britain


The Bowling Ironworks of Bowling Manor, near Bradford, began trading in foundry and smith's work in 1784. In 1788, largely due to the efforts of the ironmaster 'John Sturges' of Wakefield, they started smelting iron ore in quantity.
'Sturges & Company'
Supplied the Board of Ordnance with cast-iron guns and mortars thoughout the Napoleonic Wars, the letter S stamped on the trunnions being their identification letter.