Object Title

Bayonet and scabbard - Mauser Model 1898/05

Bayonet and scabbard - Mauser Model 1898/05


about 1905-1945

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005. Presented to the Pattern Room by Gloucestershire Police, February 1996.

Physical Description

Sawback blade with fuller running from ricasso to near the point. The blade broadens as it nears the point, which is a spear type. Crossguard has a muzzle ring on one side and a quillon turned slightly towards the blade on the other. Grip is fully steel, contoured with grooves cut diagonally across its width at the midpoint on both sides. The pommel is a 'bird's head' type with round push button release and a groove in the spine. A small hole is pierced through the grip near the crossguard. Scabbard is leather, with a bead tip and steel locket with frog stud.





OverallDepth1.2 in
OverallDepth30 mm
OverallLength18.9 in
OverallLength20.3 in
OverallLength480 mm
OverallLength515 mm
OverallWeight0.5 kg
OverallWeight0.8 kg
OverallWeight1.2 lb
OverallWeight1.85 lb
OverallWidth3.3 in
OverallWidth85 mm
BladeLength14.2 in
BladeLength360 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

German Imperial markback of blade