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Centrefire automatic pistol - Mauser C96 Schnellfeuer fully-automatic prototype

Centrefire automatic pistol - Mauser C96 Schnellfeuer fully-automatic prototype



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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Made by Mauser in 1896

Physical Description

10-shot experimental Mauser C96 pistol with experimental fully automatic mechanism, built on a 'Bolo' size frame and barrel, with standard rear sight marked 50-1000. Typical period features including small ring-shaped hammer, deeply milled panels in frame, later firing pin retainer, NS type safety catch, integral trigger unit, short extractor, and 'Waffenfabrik Mauser' nock's form marking. With matching wooden holster-stock furnished with leather strap. Typical rust-blued finish on frame and barrel/barrel extension, extractor, rear sight and trigger ‘fire blued’, internal parts and the hammer case-hardened. 22-groove walnut grips. No proof marks.

Mechanism is a rare early form based upon Fidel Fedeerle's original patent (submitted June 17 1921) for a selective-fire pistol, but with the addition of a pivoting selector switch on the right hand side (i.e. opposite to production Schnellfeuers).


Machining, Filing, Forging, Case hardening, Bluing



BarrelLength3.9 in
BarrelLength100 mm
OverallLength260 mm
OverallWeight1.095 kg


Serial Number 29436


7.63 x 25 mm Mauser

Inscriptions and Marks

model designation
'Konstr.' over Mauser barrel logo over '4.10.26'.
Frame, left hand side milled panel
Selector marking
Lower (rear) position marked 'E' for Einzelfeuer (single fire), upper (front) position marked 'R' for Reihenfeuer (series fire)
Frame, right hand side