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Centrefire bolt-action rifle - Thorneycroft Third Pattern Model 1906

Centrefire bolt-action rifle - Thorneycroft Third Pattern Model 1906

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Transferred to the Pattern Room by the Royal Pioneer Corps Museum, Northampton, April 1993 on its closure

Physical Description

Again redesigned from scratch, the Third Pattern rifles feature an in-line stock, and a short bolt relocated up and aft with a straight knobbed handle. The bolt now cocks on opening and has conventional twin front lugs with a third safety lug. The bolt could now be removed by depressing and over-riding a button on the upper surface of the butt. The cocking piece was abandoned in favour of an internal hammer with roller bearing, allowing provision of a wooden cheek-piece on top of the action and in-line sighting. The nose-cap was again redesigned with taller sight protector ears and the barrel band moved forward to enclose the tang of the nose-cap. Curiously, the band was not (on surviving rifles at any rate) fitted with a corresponding bayonet mortice lug. A new butt-plate akin to the SMLE pattern was now fitted. An alternative grasping area for the support hand was created at the butt, likely intended for bayonet fencing. Thorneycroft included his own new pattern of sight, patented some three years prior, of tangent pattern with a peep aperture, graduated from 200 - 2000 yards, adjustable for elevation and windage. There was now no conventional safety catch, instead a new vertically-acting bolt-locking lever was provided on top of the weapon which worked in concert with an out-of-battery safety plunger below. The ejector is also of plunger type, on the face of the bolt.



BarrelLength26.6 in
BarrelLength676 mm
OverallLength39.5 in
OverallLength1003 mm
OverallWeight3.315 kg
OverallWeight7.31 lb


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