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Dagger - Left Handed Parrying Dagger

Dagger - Left Handed Parrying Dagger



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Listed in the auction catalogue as from the Saxon Electoral Armouries, Dresden. Possibly a 19th Century replica though.

Physical Description

In the style of a Saxon dagger of about 1570. Blade is straight, diamond in section and double edged with a short, stout ricasso. A fuller runs for two thirds of the length of the blade. Two more fullers run the short length of the ricasso, alongside the main, central fuller. The hilt is all metal. The pommel is hexagonal with a finial. There is a horizontal ridge around the circumfrence of the pommel and verticle ribs down the length of the edge of each face. The grip is slightly barrel shaped, with four verticle ribs running the length of the girp, dividing it into quarters. The grip is textured in immitation of fish skin. The quillons are short and bulbous. The ring guard is plain and bulges slightly at the point furthest from the rectangualr quillon block.



BladeLength279 mm
OverallLength397 mm
OverallWeight422 g

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See results of scientific examination of the blade, by Dr David Starley, March 2004 (Job Code AM 1871), on inv. file. The results were interpreted as indicating 'a medium to high carbon steel, quenched and tempered. Not modern, but probably too homogenous for apparent date of object'. See also report on X-ray analysis, (same date and job code), on inv. file revealed no 'conclusive proof that the dagger is a modern reproduction' but, Dr Strarley concluded that, overall, the scientific evidence tends to support the view that this is a late 19th century copy.