Object Title

Helmet (namban bachi)

Helmet (namban bachi)



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Acquired from Major a. D. F. White, 1964.

Physical Description

It is made in the form of a European or a Korean hat. The skull is formed of six plates joined at the top under a circular plate by two rows of small rivets. The joints between the plates are covered by flanged raised ribs fastened by small prominent rivets. Each main plate is silvered and has in the centre a raised gilded kanji in seal script, the remaining surface being engraved with stylised lotus and foliage in the Chinese manner. In the centre of the top plate is an elaborately moulded tube surrounded by a design of foliage in silver overlay. Riveted to the lower edge is a narrow sloping brim, slightly wider in front and lacquered red underneath, below which is a vertical brim-plate (koshimaki) for the attachment of the neck guard. In front is a slightly deeper brow plate embossed with bulbous eyebrows.


Weight: The bowl weighs 1.65 kg

Inscriptions and Marks



The decoration of this helmet is definitely Asian mainland rather than European in style, which may point to the prototype being some form of Korean hat. The seal characters decorating the main plates are: Wa - peace or harmony (in front),yaku - flute, ?, Gi- loyalty,?,?.