Object Title

Centrefire automatic machine gun - Maxim MG08

Centrefire automatic machine gun - Maxim MG08


dated 1916

Object Number



Guards Museum; London.

Physical Description

Blued. Double spade grips, with wooden grips. Cocking handle to right of receiver. Recoil spring housing to left of receiver. Cooling jacket over barrel. Conical flash hider with shield. Notch and blade type ladder sights, numbered 4 to 20 . Has a mounting to the left side of receiver, for a sight. Plug at forward end of cooling jacket, and a plug at rear end of cooling jacket. On a mount, which is attached to the cooling jacket.
Manufactured by D.W.M (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken).


Barrellength700 mm


Serial Number 6491


7.92 x 57 mm Mauser

Inscriptions and Marks

DWM over crown over B over 91trigger
left side of receiver
receiver top cover release catch
Serial numberrelease switch
right side of receiver
spade grips
Manufacturer's markspring compression gauge
spring compression gauge
Serial numbertop of cooling jacket
Serial numbertop of feeding port
top of receiver


Places Germany