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Centrefire automatic carbine - Experimental SA80 Enfield Weapon System XL60 series carbine

Centrefire automatic carbine - Experimental SA80 Enfield Weapon System XL60 series carbine



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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Transferred to the Pattern Room from Royal Ordnance PLC, Nottingham, March 1993

Physical Description

A converted XL64E5 EWS ‘IW’ (Individual Weapon, NATO nomenclature for a rifle or similar arm) in shortened carbine form. The barrel and gas block are adapted from surplus XL70E3 components, and so the weapon is chambered for 5.56 x 45 mm. The portion of the barrel forward of the gas block has been turned down to a smaller diameter and left ‘in the white’. The gas block itself was reshaped to accept the new plug, and the upper surfaced bevelled for a low profile. Lacks a muzzle device or any threading, although there is a groove cut at the six o’clock position near the crown that hints at a possible pinned-on muzzle device of some kind. The Body (upper receiver) is crudely cut away on top to expose the gas system, and to offer rudimentary reinforcement, short ‘flaps’ of sheet steel have been folded down against the outside of the Body. The bolt carrier group is the original XL64E5 assembly with its tungsten recoil pellet and dorsal cut-out for use with the XL65E4 LSW’s open bolt automatic mode of fire (at this stage of development, the carrier groups were interchangeable). The bolt itself is also the original pattern, with deeply relieved ‘neck’ to accommodate the very large extractor.


Stamping, Casting, Painting, Phosphating, Machining



GunWeight2.55 kg
GunWeight5.62 lb
Barrellength9.53 in.
Barrellength242 mm


Serial Number B0108


4.85 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Serial number
B 0108
Left side upper and lower receivers
Proof mark
British military proof (crossed pennants)
Bolt carrier
Engraving (electropencil)