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Centrefire automatic carbine - Experimental SA80 third pattern carbine

Centrefire automatic carbine - Experimental SA80 third pattern carbine


dated 1988

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Transferred to the Pattern Room from Royal Ordnance PLC, Nottingham, March 1993

Physical Description

Third prototype for an SA80 carbine based upon a converted L85A1 rifle. Shortened barrel and gas system, fitted with an LSW handguard, with just the birdcage portion of the long L85 flash-suppressor protruding from the flat front of the handguard. To accommodate this arrangement, the gas block (with its integral front sight base) was machined off. With a perceived requirement for iron sights, a second gas block was installed further down the barrel, with its gas plug hole left unfilled and, as before, a carrying handle with its integral rear sight was installed. As per the 1989 prototype, no major changes were made to the mechanical components of the gun, other than a shortened operating rod, about 1" shorter than the full-length L85 equivalent.


Casting, Phosphating, Painting, Stamping, Machining



GunWeight3.63 kg
GunWeight8 lb
Barrellength15.35 in
Barrellength390 mm


Serial Number UN88A104840


5.56 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof mark
London commercial proofs
Engraving (electropencil)