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Centrefire automatic carbine - Experimental SA80 second pattern carbine

Centrefire automatic carbine - Experimental SA80 second pattern carbine



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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Transferred to the Pattern Room from Royal Ordnance PLC, Nottingham, March 1993

Physical Description

Carbine length SA80 built from L85A1 parts (as evidenced by the lack of the four attachment holes for the outrigger; at this time only LSW Bodies were so modified). Shortened barrel and gas system. Presumably to address 'short-stroking', the bolt carrier was lightened with a deep v-shaped groove on top. This appears to have induced further problems (perhaps excessive carrier velocity and therefore undesirable wear to the weapon). To address this, in turn, the return spring was augmented with a second internal (‘nested’) spring. It should be noted that Raw ('The Last Enfield' p.221) incorrectly describes these mechanical changes as having been applied to the 1994 prototype. Raw also speculates that these changes were made to increase the rate of fire, but this seems an unlikely and undesirable purpose in light of the pressure change/carrier velocity explanation. The installation of a standard L85A1 flash-suppressor, and a sheet-metal ‘outrigger’ below it to protect the firing hand, permitted a proper two-handed hold on the 1989 gun. To facilitate this, an LSW rear grip was permanently fitted as a vertical foregrip.


Machining, Casting, Phosphating, Painting, Stamping



GunWeight3.48 kg
GunWeight7.67 lb
Barrellength12.2 in
Barrellength310 mm


Serial Number CA001


5.56 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Serial number
CA 001
Right side lower receiver
Proof mark
Commercial London proof
Engraving (electropencil)
Maker's mark
‘ENFIELD®’ trademark.
Right side upper receiver