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Centrefire bolt-action firearm - Mau Mau

Centrefire bolt-action firearm - Mau Mau

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005.

Physical Description

The barrel is made from a metal pipe, the threading of the pipe is visible where the bolt face enters the barrel. This end of the barrel has been roughly enlarged. At the end of the barrel on the top edge a small strip of the barrel has been cut out on two sides and bended 90 degrees to act as a front sight.

The barrel is connected to the stock by a metal band which is fastened together above the barrel using a screw which has been cut to the desired length. Due to the way that it is fastened it obscures clear line-of-sight to the front sight. The trigger guard is a made from a strip of metal that has been bent into a rough U shape and fastened by two screws. There remains a hole on the underside of the stock inside the trigger guard which has been filled with fabric.

The bolt assembly is formed of a metal cylinder with the pin assembly housed inside. It slides along a concave shaped piece of metal which is attached to the stock by two nails. Several edges of the housing have been removed to allow the bolt assembly to travel down section. The bolt assembly has a piece of metal bent in on itself which is attached internally to the other side of the tube, this acts as the bolt handle. A thin, tubular metal piece has been bent 90 degrees and enters the assembly through a cut out slot in the rear of the assembly. This metal tube connects to the firing pin mechanism, which works on a spring. The pin is a screw which has been sharpened to a crude point. This has been fastened onto the rest of the assembly via a nut which has been flatted halfway along to conform to the screw. There is a small gap around the barrel where the bolt face enters the barrel. By pulling back the metal tube the firing pin assembly is drawn into the cylindrical housing. When released this would strike the round.

The stock is made up of one piece of wood. It is squared off at the rear of the buttstock and becomes rounded as it goes along the length of the barrel. A fabric sling has been added which is tied onto the trigger guard and fastened down by two nails at the end of the foregrip towards the exposed barrel. It is likely that the sling originally stretched to the nailed down pad at the rear of the buttstock, it still has fabric fibres attached and is fastened down by two nails, similar to the fastening at the end of the stock.



BarrelLength20.16 in
BarrelLength512 mm
OverallLength37.52 in
OverallLength953 mm
OverallWeight2.14 kg


Serial Number None visible


.303 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Right-hand side of stock


Places Kenya/Africa


The firearm has a Kenyan Police tag, 1950s.