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Centrefire six-shot revolver - Webley Mk.VI

Centrefire six-shot revolver - Webley Mk.VI

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Physical Description

Fitted with shoulder stock. See XII.11336 for comments on authenticity of this combination. Slot in grip frame is better cut when compared to that found on PR.7511, however shows bright metal. Slots on both weapons are less well machined than the slot found in the signal pistols for which this stock was official issue. As a long-term part of the MoD Pattern Room collection, this particular combination has perhaps more chance than most of being genuine in the sense of an official or semi-official experiment, or perhaps a deliberate effort to collect a 'private purchase' example. Unfortunately no records survive that might provide evidence for such a claim.


weight:2.29 kg


Serial Number 444600


.455 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Stock serial numbered 2858 and marked 7 U underneath


Places Britain