Object Title

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Sten Mk.V

Centrefire automatic submachine gun - Sten Mk.V


about 1944-1953

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005.

Physical Description

An open-bolt blowback submachine gun. Barrel has lugs for fitting a No. 4, No. 7 or No. 9 bayonet, and a sight block with post foresight dovetailed into place, and pierced square protective wings. Barrel nut is cylindrical with some perforations. Magazine well and ejection port are a single piece fitted over the barrel, feeding from the left of the gun and ejecting on the right. Bolt is milled with a fixed firing pin. Magazine release is a bent tab button on the top face of the magazine well. Receiver is a tube, with charging handle running in a long slot on the right side, with a safety notch above. Backsight is a fixed aperture tab. Trigger group has a two-position fire selector button, marked for repetition and automatic. With a contoured wood pistol grip and wood buttstock. One sling loop on the top side of the buttstock.





OverallLength29.9 in
OverallLength760 mm
OverallWeight3.64 kg
OverallWeight8.02 lbs
BarrelLength7.75 in
BarrelLength198 mm


Serial Number None visible


9 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Manufacturer's mark
S108 - manufacturer's code for Stanleys Machinery