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Sword and scabbard - Pattern 1885 sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard - Pattern 1885 sword and scabbard



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Physical Description

Single edged, fullered blade. Dark-coloured, textured grip, attached with 5 rivets. Guard is plain and pierced with four triangles in a Maltese cross-like design. Scabbard of white metal, with 2 scabbard loops either side at the top.
With sealed pattern attached to one of the scabbard's loops, consisting of a black felt piece and a piece of brown, waxy fabric that is frayed and ripped. On the black felt piece is a red wax seal. On the waxy fabric piece is handwriting in black ink, 'Scabbard, sword cavalry, Pattern 1885 (Mk I), the rest of the handwriting is hard to see. Also attached is a brass tag, with 642 stamped upon it.
Attached to the hilt of the sword is a cream-coloured tag with both printed and typed lettering. Under 'Name' is printed, 'SWORD AND SCABBARD CAVALRY Pattern 1885'. Under 'remarks on sample', 'S. P. 641 & 642, Approved 4-11-1885 L. of C. 4854, All mounted services except Household Cavalry'. Also attached to the hilt of the sword is a black piece of felt and brown, waxed fabric tag. Felt has a red wax seal attached. Fabric has handwriting in black, 'Sword Cavalry, Pattern 1885'. The remainder of the handwriting ids difficult to read. Also attached is a brass tag with '641' stamped upon it.


SwordWeight1.1 kg
SwordWeight2.4 lb
Swordlength40.2 in
Swordlength1020 mm
BladeWidth1.3 in
BladeWidth32 mm
Bladelength34.3 in
Bladelength870 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

B(?) crown over E over 12top of blade
metal part of grip
side of blade


Places Britain