Object Title

Cutlass Bayonet and scabbard - Pattern No.1 1859 Naval Model, Sealed Pattern

Cutlass Bayonet and scabbard - Pattern No.1 1859 Naval Model, Sealed Pattern


dated 1859

Object Number



gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

Heavy steel bowl guard with fixing for the bayonet bar. The grip is of wood with 6 grooves. The blade is slightly curved and is unfullered. The tip is sharpened on both sides, the back being 12.5 in (318mm) long.
With leather scabbard fitted with steel chape and throat.



BladeLength26.75 inches
BladeLength679 mm
BladeWidth1.5 inches
BladeWidth38 mm
ScabbardLength27.75 inches
ScabbardLength705 mm
ScabbardWeight0.31 kg
OverallLength32.25 inches
OverallLength820 mm
BayonetWeight1.03 kg


Serial Number None visible

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
Broad arrow over WD ENFIELD 23/3/1859 Crownned GS over M
on left side of blade



This model was designed by the Superintendant of Enfield to meet the requirements of the Admiralty.
It is likely that this example may be a sealed pattern as it carries a full date on the blade.

It is described in the Sealed Pattern List as:

Sealed Pattern No.151, Bayonet, Sword, Naval, cutlass guard, No.1 Pattern, 1859, For the The Naval rifle, Pattern 1858. This pattern wa the first of its sort and was made to fit the first 5 grooved rifle of the service, This model was designed by the Supt. To meet the wishes of the Admiralty