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Cutlass Bayonet - Pattern No.3 1859 Naval Model, Verney's catch

Cutlass Bayonet - Pattern No.3 1859 Naval Model, Verney's catch


about 1861

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

Heavy steel bowl guard with fixing for the bayonet bar and slot for Verney's scabbard catch. The grip is formed of two scales of pressed chequered leather secured by four pins. The blade is slightly curved and is unfullered. The tip is sharpened on both sides, the back being 12.5 in (318mm) long.
The lether scabbard has polished steel chape and scabbard mouth. Verney's spring catch is fixed to the left side of the scabard. On the right side is the frog stud.



BladeLength26.75 inches
BladeLength680 mm
BladeWidth1.5 inches
BladeWidth38 mm
ScabbardLength28.75 inches
ScabbardLength730 mm
ScabbardWeight0.34 kg
OverallLength32.5 inches
OverallLength825 mm
BayonetWeight1.095 kg
CombinedWeight1.43 kg


Serial Number 486A

Inscriptions and Marks

Inspectors mark?
crown over S over 14
right side of blade
Maker's mark
crowned head in profile
left side of blade



The catch design was proposed by Lieut. Verney, RN and approved for fitting in the List of Changes (para. 369) on 19 September 1861. This example is likely to be the sealed pattern version.
The blade was made in Solingen and accepted as such, the likely maker was Weyersberg Bros.