Object Title

Centrefire automatic rifle - Experimental SA80 Enfield Weapon System Individual Weapon (EWS IW) 0 series

Centrefire automatic rifle - Experimental SA80 Enfield Weapon System Individual Weapon (EWS IW) 0 series


about 1975

Object Number



Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

IW (Individual Weapon) configuration. Part of what Raw calls the ‘0 series’, preproduction examples of the XL60 series. These were produced from 1975 to 1976 and represent the second evolutionary step toward SA80. The improvements included, revised reinforced receiver architecture, ‘rock in’ magazines with an L-shaped catch relocated to the left side, intended to be operated by the off-hand thumb, three round burst feature deleted, selector switch replaced with a rotary design marked ‘R’ and ‘A’, similar to the SA80 design, existing annular ring on flash suppressor modified for actual grenade launching, rear sling loop on top of the receiver, properly moulded and textured polymer furniture including a cheekpiece glued onto the upper receiver, provision for emergency iron sights; a folding front and a removable rear (the former being kept folded when not in use and the latter stored in a new compartment in the grip). The bolt carrier is of a revised pattern with flat sides and the reciprocating anti-bounce mass previously incorporated into the 00 series LSW is now present in both IW and LSW. In this example, machined lightening cuts are present in both left and right hand sides, and the component is marked 'FOR TRIALS USE ONLY'. It also bears a revised drawing number.


Machining, Painting, Stamping, Phosphating, Casting



Bolt carrier groupWeight0.35 kg
Bolt carrier groupWeight0.772 lb
GunWeight3.1 kg
GunWeight6.83 lb
Barrellength21 in.
Barrellength534 mm


Serial Number R01


4.85 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Selector markings
'S' and 'F' for 'Safe' and 'Fire'
Safety catch
Calibre mark
Left side receiver
Proof mark
Enfield proof (crown over RSAF)
Bolt carrier
Serial number
R 01
Left side upper and lower receivers