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Centrefire single-shot suppressed pistol - Welrod .32 in. Mk.IIA

Centrefire single-shot suppressed pistol - Welrod .32 in. Mk.IIA


made 1944

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Gifted with the Pattern Room from the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

The pistol is a single shot operated by a bolt that is activated by twisting the knurled breech 90 degrees clockwise. The action extracts the spent cartridge and when pushed forward the breech picks up the next cartridge from the magazine.The silenced barrel is contained in a one piece steel tube and for the Mk.IIA the muzzle is indented. Affixed to the barrel is a fixed backsignt and a fixed foresight. Normally these sights are painted with luminous radium paint, but for this example they have not been painted.The trigger is a simple bent spur. The stock is also the magazine, it is encased in hard rubber. The magazine is from a Webley 7.65mm automatic pistol.


dimensions:0.310 weight:1.12


Serial Number 17248


.32 in