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Centrefire six-shot revolver - Ordnance Model 1889 Lightned Variant

Centrefire six-shot revolver - Ordnance Model 1889 Lightned Variant


dated 1922

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Physical Description

The firing pin rests in the frame.The Model 1889 is a six shot solid frame double action 10.4mm centerfire revolver, with a loading gate and a rod ejector. The gate is connected to the hammer on the Abadie system. The Abadie system was the placement of a suitable cam on the internal part of the axis of door of loading gate. When this gate is lowered, to allow reloading, the axis swivells breaking the connection between the hammer and the trigger. Whilst the loading gate is open if the trigger is pulled all that will happen is the cylinder rotates. Therfore it is not possible to fire the weapon while it was being loaded or unloaded.
The only unusual mechanical feature (for the period) was a hammer block, this prevents the hammer falling far enough to fire the cartridge unless the trigger was pulled fully back. Chequered grips with a diamond pattern, lanyard loop on base of grip. Left side plate can be removed via a catch, located just above the grip.This exposes all the moving parts.


OverallHeight5.9 in.
OverallHeight150 mm
OverallLength7.8 in.
OverallLength200 mm
OverallWeight0.805 kg
OverallWidth1.81 in.
OverallWidth46 mm
BarrelLength3.5 in.
BarrelLength89 mm


Serial Number E2022


10.35 mm 10.4 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Bottom of Frame
Stamped (painted)
Serial number
Stamped (painted)
Makers Marks
N&V CASTELLI 1922 BRESCIA LD (In lozenge)
Stamped (painted)