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9 pr gun and carriage - Mark IV R.M.L

9 pr gun and carriage - Mark IV R.M.L



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Transferred to the Armouries from the Admiralty Museum, Upnor Castle, 1959. On loan to Royal Naval Armament Depot, Priddy's Hard, Gosport, Hants. There is a similar gun in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Physical Description

Similar to XIX.234, but having a small block on the swell at the muzzle for the fore sight instead of a prominent dispart patch. The jacket is engraved with the monogram of Queen Victoria and near the breech, is marked with the weight 6-0-6. The left trunnion is marked R.G.F./No.7/IV 1886. The two holes have been drilled to the left front of the vent for the friction-tube pin and another to the right rear for the lanyard guide. All three holes should be filled with preserving screws but have been mutilated as if with a gouge. The hole for the centre rear sight is filled with a bar.

Steel with wooden wheels. It is intended for man draught and is therefore of small size. The elevating gear is operated by a hand wheel at the rear of the gearbox. The brackets of the trail are fitted with supports for securing the handspike and sponge, on the right side, with a metal socket for the priming irons or prickers


Dimensions: Length: 69 in (175.3 cm), Overall length: 74 in (188 cm), Length Brackets: 70 in (177.8 cm), Diameter Wheels: 42 in (106.7 cm) Weight: 6 cwt 6 lb (307.5 kg)


3 in (7.6 cm)

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion: R.G.F. / No 7 / IV / 1886


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976. p.93.