Object Title

Flintlock military carbine

Flintlock military carbine



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Old Tower stock

Physical Description

Fitted with swan-necked cock. Stocked to within 4 1/4 in. of muzzle. Brass furniture. The original browned finish remains. Steel ramrod, 2nd pipe missing. Swivels missing. Brass fore-end cap missing. Stock damaged along top right side


Dimensions: Overall length: 57.2 in (1452 mm), Length of barrel: 41.8 in (1062 mm)


.68 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel stamped on right of breech with crowned GR over Broad Arrow and crown over crossed sceptres Stamped on right by pan: crown, and on tang: crown. Lockplate engraved with royal cypher and GRICE 1758, and stamped with crown over Broad Arrow. Butt stamped on right with Ordnance storekeeper's mark. Underside of butt to right of guard stamped with crown over crown over [7] (i.e. crown over crown over 7, the 7 uncertain). Ramrod groove: front section (front to rear) stamped: crown over 11, crown over 7, crown over 11; rear section: X II X. Ramrod stamped with crown; [HM]; [H] (i.e. HM and H are uncertain)


Places England

Bibliographic References

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