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Centrefire self-loading pistol - Sauer Model 1928 (W.T.M.), varient 1

Centrefire self-loading pistol - Sauer Model 1928 (W.T.M.), varient 1


about 1930

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Transferred to the Pattern Room via the National Museums Consortium from the Home Office Firearms Amnesty 1988

Physical Description

The Model 1928 WTM is 6mm shorter than its predecessor the Model 1924, not as tall or as thick, and 40 grams (1.4 ounces) lighter than the Model 1924 WTM It is nearly identidal in size to the Walther Model 9. The new design reduced the number of small parts that could fall out of the gun when it was disassembled, but required S&S to invent a new method of locking the slide to the frame. The cocking indicator pin is eliminated, as is the button to hold the grip plates and the full-length recoil spring guide rod. The grip plates on the Model 1928 WTM are held in place by a screw in the center. The new design also incorporates a magazine safety.
The connector bar has been simplified by eliminating the flat spring and vertical lever. Instead, a coil spring is used, which fits under the right grip plate. The connector has a cut into which one end of the coil spring fits, and another cut which allows the magazine safety to lock the connector and prevent the gun from being fired when the magazine is out of the gun. The magazine safety consists of a piece of spring metal which is pushed up and out of the cut in the connector bar when the magazine is inserted. The right grip plate has recesses on its reverse to accommodate both the magazine safety and the connector bar spring.

The left grip plate has cast into the bottom Cal. 6.35. 28

For this 1st varient the safety lever has an oval knob with horizontal serrations. The notch at the back end of the slide has no crosswise slot. Very early production Model 1928 pistols may have hand-engraved slide inscriptions.





BarrelLength1.97 in
BarrelLength50 mm
OverallLength100 mm
OverallWeight0.28 kg


Serial Number 15104


6.35 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof marks
crown over N
left rear fame and slide