Object Title

Anti-tank grenade projector - PIAT Mk.I

Anti-tank grenade projector - PIAT Mk.I


about 1942

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005.

Physical Description

Spigot mortar system, with the projectile fitting over a spigot. The body of the PIAT is a steel tube containing the long mainspring. At the muzzle end is a half-cylinder tray with a fully round muzzle. The tray has the spigot fitted in the centre of the rear panel. Underneath the tray is a folding attachment which can act as an insert for the tray, allowing for the use of dummy and practice rounds. Right side of the tray has a chain attached with a cork stopper at the end. Large monopod of two legs meeting in a single foot, clamped to the body around the back end of the tray. Foresight is a round post with a bead on a long, folding arm attached to a tall block, whilst backsight is a tall folding aperture on a separate block. Backsight is adjustable for both high- and low-angle shooting with three graduations for each, as well as one for 370 yards. The backsight has a spirit level. Vertical pistol grip with rubber grip, with long trigger arm and large trigger guard and safety lever on the right side. A canvas gaiter is fitted rear of the backsight. The right side of the body has two pairs of sling loops, one pair at the foresight block and the other near the butt pad. The butt plate has a canvas cover, and also seves as the cocking mechanism by rotating and using one's feet. With canvas sling. Painted with an olive-green finish, with a white stripe down the top.





OverallLength38.19 in
OverallLength970 mm
OverallWeight16.03 kg
OverallWeight35.34 lbs
BarrelLength9.45 in
BarrelLength240 mm


Serial Number 46


3.25 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Serial number
S 46
Top of back end of loading tray