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Centrefire automatic silenced submachine gun - M3

Centrefire automatic silenced submachine gun - M3


about 1943

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

Of all steel consrtuction and fitted with an integral suppressor. There is a wire frame telescoping stock. This M3 model, the first, is an automatic, air-cooled blowback-operated weapon that fired from an open bolt. Constructed of plain .060 in. thick sheet steel, the M3 receiver is stamped in two halves that are then welded together. The M3 is striker-fired, with a fixed firing pin contained inside the bolt. The bolt is drilled longitudinally to support two parallel guide rods, upon which are mounted twin return (recoil) springs. This the M3 model has a cocking lever attached to the right side. This example is fitted with a non-standard home made suppressor. The serial number and makers name has been removed.
The conversion was done around 1975.


BarrelLength13 inhes
BarrelLength330 mm
OverallLength25 inhes
OverallWeight4.26 kg
Overall (less telescoping stock)Length630 mm


Serial Number Removed


.45 in


Places USA