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Purchased March 1986. Found on the Thames foreshore at Bankside, near the Anchor Tavern, 21 January 1986 (purchased from the finder). Previously deposit no. 262.

Physical Description

Of a type in use during the fourteenth, fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. The wooden handle is of rounded-lozenge section and tapers away from the blade before swelling to form a cap in one with the grip, surmounted by a copper alloy quatrefoil washer for the tang button. Nearest the blade is a pair of swollen lobes faced with a metal plate.
The straight, single-edged blade has a back-edge with a raised central ridge. Inside the hand at 2.25 in. (57 mm) from the hilt is an inlaid, oblong copper mark, now illegible.
The knife is in excavated condition. The cutting edge of the blade has rusted away along most of its length.


Dimensions: Overall length: 335 mm (13.20 in.), Length of blade: 228 mm (9 in.), Width of blade by hilt: 19 mm (0.75 in.) Weight: 150 g (5 oz)



For a broadly similar, though somewhat larger dagger, which is also from the Thames, see X.720. Another, from the River Ouse near Ely, was seen by A.V.B. Norman in the Kings Lynn Museum, 1983 (A.V.B.N's notes). The mark on the latter is clearer but is also basically of oblong shape.