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Centrefire automatic rifle - FN X8E6 Experimental

Centrefire automatic rifle - FN X8E6 Experimental

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Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

Fitted with heavy barrel and bipod, the latter on this variant being that of the L4 BREN Gun bipod. the bipod which is adjustable for height is permanaently secured to the barrel forward of the gas-piston assembly.

A folding-carrying hqndle is fitted above the breech area.

The three-position fire-selector lever located on the LHS of the lower receiver is rotated downwards to the 7 o'clock position for 'safe', upwards to the 5 o'clock position for 'single-shot' and to the 2 o'clock position for 'automatic' mode of fire.

The magazine well is designed to accept the FN design of 20 round magazine. The UK designed magazine cannot be fitted.

The rear-sight is a non folding, heavy aperture post. The base of the sight is graduated in 100 yard increments from 200-700 yards


dimensions:1.180 weight:5.96


Serial Number 28


7.62 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Weapon nomenclature and serial number
L-R: Weapon generic nomenclature (X8), Sub-variant nomenclature (E6), British production (Br) and weapon serial number
LHS rear of upper receiver


Places Belgium