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Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - India Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - India Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The arm conforms in all respects to the India pattern as manufactured from 1809, with the ring-neck cock, except as altered in fitting a bayonet bar on the side of the barrel and filing the bayonet stud. With the addition of a notched block backsight which is braised 3.5 in from the breech. The barrel has been browned.
Stocked to 4.5 in of the muzzle, the barrel retained by three pins and the upper sling loop screw. Bayonet stud has been filed to form a small blade foresight


BarrelLength39.21 inches
BarrelLength996 mm
OverallLength1394 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.76 in


Places England


This arm may be either one of those altered for the use of the 52nd Light Infantry by Henry Nock in 1804; when the production of the New Land Pattern was delayed by the outbreak of war; or it may be George Lovell's design for an 'Improved Light Infantry Musket' which was included in the percussion trials of 1835, even though a flintlock. This latter possibility is supported by the late design of the cock and browned barrel, but either of these features could have been used earlier and the cock might be a contemporary replacement. The bayonet, if it is the correct one (and it fits perfectly), has a circular-section bar and double edged blade, having far more in common with the constabulary carbine blades of the mid 1830's, than with the Baker Rifle. The cross-guard is also of the later period.
(Formerly class XXIV.39).