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Centrefire automatic machine gun - Goryunov Type 57 SGM

Centrefire automatic machine gun - Goryunov Type 57 SGM

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ifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005 Gifted to the Ministry of Defence Pattern Room by Hills Small Arms Ltd. Brentwood, Essex, March 1988

Physical Description

All steel fabrication. Receiver is a forging. The barrel is designed to be readily exchanged after a continuous period of sustained firing and has lontitudinal flutings along its length to assist in rapid dissipation of heat. Barrel change is accomplished (after unloading the weapon) by lifting the top cover and feed-tray and pushing a transverse bar to the left freeing the barrel which can then be removed using the carrying handle. The barrel-release bar has dual purpose in that it is used to adjust the barrel `headspace` and is so marked to assist the armourer in making `headspace` adjustments. The top cover is fitted with a mounting for a detachable air-defence sight


OverallLength1120 mm
OverallWeight14.39 kg


Serial Number 201204


7.62 x 54 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Main Serial Number Block
Top-to-Bottom Arsenal logo `Triangle` with arsenal number inside (236). Weapon Type marking - `Type 57 Model` Main Serial Number - 201244
Upper surface of the receiver at the forward end


Places China