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9 pr gun and garrison carriage

9 pr gun and garrison carriage



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Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland. (Old Tower Collection).

Physical Description

The first reinforce is marked with a Broad Arrow and George III cypher. The base ring cut with quarter scale sights, 1-3.
The gun is mounted on a cast iron open framed garrison carriage numbered 93 and marked 9PR and 15-1-3 K. Both quoins original, large quoin marked 90 W Broad Arrow D


Dimensions: Length: 102 in, Diameter of trunnions: 4.5 in, Diameter of muzzle: 12 in, Diameter of breech: 16 in Weight: Carriage: 15cwt 1qtr 3lb


Serial Number None visible


4.25 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left trunnion: W & Co Right trunnion: 79


Places Britain



Samuel Walker: Rotherham (Yorkshire)
The firm of Samuel Walker & Co was founded at Grenoside near Sheffield in 1741, by the brothers Samuel, Aaron and Jonathan Walker moving to Rotherham in 1746.
From about 1773 they supplied many iron guns to the Board of Ordnance these being with few exceptions of excellent quality. The company's mark was WCo on the left trunnion. In 1809 the head of the firm was Joshua Walker. The firm was wound up in 1817.

'Walker & Co: Wednesbury (Staffs)'
Founded in about 1820 by Samuel Walker, grandson of Samuel Walker above. In association with William Yates he took over the Gospel Oak Ironworks at Tipton, Staffordshire and in 1822 commenced producing guns using machinery brought from the original Walker foundry at Rotherham. The firm which was in existence until c. 1860, used the same WCo mark on its guns as had the earlier Walker firm.