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Wheellock muzzle-loading sporting rifle - By Andreas Pranter

Wheellock muzzle-loading sporting rifle - By Andreas Pranter



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Rifling of seven grooves
Octagonal Barrel, the entire length except for a short distance at breech and muzzle deeply incised with diagonal flutes forming a zig-zag pattern. Backsight with folding leaf. Lock with internal wheel, the lockplate richly engraved with flowers and foliage the background being recessed. The maker's name is engraved on the head of a flower. The dog-head with long cocking spur is engraved and pierced with half figures playing musical instruments.
Stock with cheek-butt, carved with floral ornament, the cheek-piece inlaid with a circular plaque of mother-of-pearl engraved with an addorned monogram surmounted by a circlet. There is a water-drain on the underside of the stock communicating with the lock cut-out. The initials G.M,those of the stock-maker, are incised by the breech-strap while the date 1675 is engraved on the stag-horn butt-plate.
Indented steel trigger-guard with heart-shaped piercings. Double-lever hair-trigger. Ramrod with stag-horn tip and internally threaded steel ferule


BarrelLength768 mm


Serial Number None Visible visible


.600 in

Inscriptions and Marks

At the breech are the name of the maker and date ANDREAS PRANTNER 1675

Bibliographic References

Graeme Rimer, Wheellock Firearms of the Royal Armouries, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, 2001. p.55, colour ill


Described in the 1857 Tower Remain (I.21) as 'Rifle, with hexagonal barrel, the wheel-lock finely engraved the stock carved and dated 1675 but apparently older-I' it was then on display in a glass case in the Horse Armoury