Object Title

Throat Latch (san shaku gawa)

Throat Latch (san shaku gawa)

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Purchased in Japan by I Bottomley

Physical Description

The object is of black lacquered leather partially gilt. It has the form of a strap that narrows in the centre and tapers to each end. At the ends are two loops covered with brown leather and attached by ornate knots . This example has each side tooled in relief and gilded at each end and a mon of two crosses hawk's feathers in a circle repeated in gold three times.


Dimensions: The length of the object is 940 mm. Weight: The weight of the object is 0.1 kg.


Places Japan


This strap is tied around the horse's neck, behind the ears the ends fastened under the neck. A cord then attaches to the top of the bridle, passing between the ears to prevent the bridle being displaced. In some cases the end ties also connected to the bit.