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Powder flask and bullet pouch

Powder flask and bullet pouch

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Purchased in Japan by I Bottomley

Physical Description

The flask is approximately triangular in shape, made of leather heavily coated with black lacquer. At the neck is a collar of staghorn having an attached loop for a cord. Fitting into this is a stopper, also of staghorn that extends into a powder measure. A hemp cord from the top of the powder measure is attached to the top of the flask. Attached to the flask is a ball pouch of brown leather havinga strap sewn into the side seam. Fitted to this with a brass collar is a bullet dispenser of stag horn in the form of two jaw, with horn springs working in slots, that allows a ball to roll between the jaws but be retained by the springs.


Dimensions: The length of the powder flask and stopper is 163 mm, the length of the bullet pouch being 180 mm. Weight: The weight of the assembly is 0.098 kg.

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Places Japan