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Dagger - Ballock Dagger

Dagger - Ballock Dagger


Late 15th/ Early 16th Century

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Purchased Sept. 1987. Formerly Deposit no.325 (part). Excavated from the Thames at Brook's Wharf in February 1985 (inf. from the vendor who may also have been the finder).

Physical Description

Wooden hilt of typical lobed form, the grip slightly faceted, with flattened ovoid pommel slightly arched globose quillons with flat iron backing plate each side nearest the blade, each secured by an iron rivet through both plate and quillon. Square brass plate under tang button, notched along the edges. Single-edged iron blade of diamond section, the rear edge having a shallow central ridge.

Condition when first catalogued (May 1990): The tip is slightly bent. Forward edge badly nicked in places, blade blackened.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


BladeLength305 mm
OverallLength429 mm
OverallWeight284 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Inlaid in copper alloy: a mark now resembling a letter I or a capstan (cf. X.1478) but possibly originally with a different outline (mark revealed during conservation, August 1991).
copper-alloy inlay


Bibliographic References

F. Wilkinson, Those entrusted with arms..., London, Greenhill Books and Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2002, p. 19, fig. 2.3 (gen. view).


Comparable to examples recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose