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Possibly Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Curb bit, the branches of moderate length, the lower extremities only slightly curved. Ported mouth with a conical hollow roller on either side of the curved port, which is pierced for a missing dangle. Above the mouthpiece is fastened a chain with four roller rings. The curb-chain is formed with a central curved bar of hollow concave section with serrated edges. There are loops for a snaffle rein behind the mouthpiece pivots. Each branch terminates in a loop pierced by a short bar terminating in a loop that holds a rein-ring. This bar also serves to hold a narrow bar that connects the two branches. Each branch is pierced above for a second connecting bar, or for a chain, now missing. Riveted to each branch is a a large boss of gilt copper, embossed with a pine-cone in high relief. The branches and curb-chain retain extensive traces of gilding.


Dimensions: Length of branches: 229 mm (9 in) Weight: kg ( 3 lb 6 oz)

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Bibliographic References

G Rimer, T Richardson and J P D Cooper, Henry VIII: arms and the man, Leeds, 2009,


RC3: Royal association to be noted on loan papers to the Royal Armouries Board of Trustees.