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Saddle steels

Saddle steels



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Cantle steel of two plates, overlapped left to right and pierced for connection by a modern bolt. The steel is decorated with altenately raised and sunken vertical bands, the former etched with sprays of flowers and foliage, vases, cornucopia and entwined dolphins on a plain gilt ground, the latter with scrolling floral ornament ending at the base in dolphin-like monsters on a granulated ground and originally gilt overall. The upper and side edges have roped inward turns and a wide sunken border decorated as above. An attachment hole is pierced through each side of the cantle.


Dimensions: Length across lower ends: 660 mm (26 in). Max. height (on left side): 198 mm (7.8 in) Weight: kg ( 2 lb 10 oz)

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Bibliographic References

G Rimer, T Richardson and J P D Cooper, Henry VIII: arms and the man, Leeds, 2009,


Possibly French in the Italian fashion. RC3: Royal Association to be noted on loan papers to the Royal Armouries Board of Trustees.