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Carbine belt

Carbine belt



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Purchased 15 November 1985. From the Armoury at Littlecote House (inventory no. B.49)

Physical Description

The strap is of buff leather. At the base is a plain iron spring clip, mounted on a rectangular loop with a roller on the upper half. The upper front of the belt is fitted with a buckle, with medial cusps and a spike riveted to the strap. Below this is a similarly cusped loop for the strap end, and at the end of the belt a teardrop finial. The strap is pierced with nineteen holes for the buckle. The iron fittings are black. There are numerous rust-coloured stains on the leather. The buckle rivets are missing, and the buckle is attached by string


Dimensions: Overall length: 1370 mm (53 15/16in), Width: 68-75 mm (2 43/64 in), Width of swivel frame: 95 mm (3 47/64 in), Width of buckle 75 mm (2 61/64 in) Weight: 354 g

Bibliographic References

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