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Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Fitted with ring-necked cock. Full stocked. Brass furniture. Wooden ramrod. Lock 5.37 in, flat, double border line engraved, crown/GR, TOWER marked on tail, crown/arrow mark below pan, ring neck flat cock, double border line engraved, top jaw and screw (pierced and slotted), tear drop point to frizzen spring, foreward curl to tip of frizzen.
Stock complete/bruised, pattern brass furniture, brass ramrod pipe 1.3 in long, brass trigger guard with acorn tip at front, brass butt cap smooth rounded with short ears, and a single steel screw. Brass side plate 4.9 in long, two steel side screws, with steel belt hook 9.1 in long, stamped with a crown, apron carved around barrel tang. Ramrod broken


Dimensions: Overall length: 490 mm (19.25 in), Barrel length: 305 mm (12 in), Width: about 170 mm, Depth: about 80 mm Weight: 3 lb 4 oz (1.4 kg.)


Serial Number None visible


.56 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel stamped on left of breech with crowned GR over Broad Arrow and crown over crossed sceptres. Stamped on right by pan: crown over 12, and on tang: crown and (?)4 (partly off end of tang). Lockplate engraved with royal cypher and TOWER, and stamped with crown over Broad Arrow. Belt hook stamped: crown over 6. Sideplate flat stamped with crown over P; 13; Broad Arrow within double ring (? of latter only a semi-circle survives). Possible V mark. Butt stamped on right with Ordnance storekeeper's mark of crown over Broad Arrow over 180(?). Underside of butt to right of guard stamped twice with crown over 2. Ramrod groove: front section (front to rear) stamped: crown over 13, crown over 2, crown over 0; II; rear section (front to rear) inscribed: 16 \.Pistol 40% covered in black paint. Front section of ramrod missing


Places Britain