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Flintlock military trade musket - India Pattern

Flintlock military trade musket - India Pattern



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Purchased by the Board of Ordnance 1793-97

Physical Description

The lockplate is rounded with teat at rear and has an integral rounded pan with bridle, the steel being rounded at top. Rounded swan-neck cock with narrow comb curled outward in profile. Engraved across tail 1793 and 4 over heart quartered with letters VEIC. Ahead of cock, MOORE and crowned I. (Refers to Daniel Moore). Stocked to 4.1 in of the muzzle, the barrel retained by three pins and the upper sling loop srew. Bayonet stud acts as foresight. Brass fore-end cap, and three brass rod pipes, the upper one trumpet and long. The tailpipe is similar to the Land Pattern, but the moulding is not so defined and it is somewhat smaller. Button head iron ramrod. Rounded brass sideplate of French Model 1777 S-shaped design. Rounded brass trigger guard, the front finial being a pineapple in outline, but barely contoured; rounded rear finial with two screws through rear, pinned at front. Lower sling loop through front of guard bow. Rounded brass buttplate with wide, stepped tang, similar to Short Land Pattern but somewhat wider and not so clearly defined at edges. Handrail butt and stock carving same as Land Pattern. The full round barrel is baluster turned at the breech, and stamped with Government proof marks for private barrels, two crowned crossed sceptres


OverallLength1397 mm
BarrelLength991 mm


Serial Number None visible


.750 in


Places England


This is a standard East India Company Musket as made on contract for that firm during the last quarter of the 18th century, of which large numbers were bought beginning in 1793 until 1797 when the Board finally accepted the necessity for adopting this pattern for Government manufacture.
Daniel Moore 1750-1801
Made screw cannon barrel flintlock pocket pistols with masked butt caps. Under contract with the East India Company made flintlock holster pistols and flintlock muskets. Shop in London.