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Old Tower collection; probably Tower arsenal. First accessioned in 1977 when on display in the Mortar Room (White Tower basement).

Physical Description

General Type Description: All brass, cast hilt. Pommel of various shapes (mostly globular, oval or egg-shaped). Knuckle-guard broadens to form slightly dished, heart-shaped shell around the blade, with two loop-guards to the outside of the hand. Short rear quillon, with disc-finial inclined towards the blade. 'Barley twist' grip. Curved or sligthly curved, single-edged blade, with a narrow fuller almost at the back, extending for the greater part its length.

Variations, losses, damage etc:
Pommel Type 1 - flattened or slightly flattened globular pommel, moulded above and below, with prominent tang-button. Type Specimen: IX.6787. On this example the mouldings are hardley visible.
Rear quillon removed or broken off (remains of solder on break); blade tip ground off; manufacture weld visible near base of blade; hilt slightly loose on blade.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 774 mm (30.5 in.), Blade length, blade tip to hilt (by back); 631 mm (24.8 in.) Weight: 1 lb 12 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on inside, near hilt, stamped: crown over an incomplete and now illegible number.On blade, on inside, 78 mm from hilt, stamped: running fox (or wolf?).On blade, on outside, 108 mm from hilt, stamped: running fox (or wolf?).On blade, on back, 27 mm from hilt, incised: 'VII'.


Places Britain


For this pattern of hanger generally and for other examples, see entry for IX.534, under Notes.
For the running fox or wolf mark, found on a number of British military hangers, see entry for IX.373, under Notes.