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Old Tower collection; probably Tower arsenal. First accessioned in 1977 when on display in the Mortar Room (White Tower basement).

Physical Description

General Type Description: Brass hilt comprising oval pommel on a stand and with a prominent tang-button, D-shaped knuckle-guard which spreads to form a heart-shaped stool around the blade, and very short rear quillon with drop-finial inclined towards the blade. Wire-bound grip. Curved or slightly curved, single-edged blade, with a narrow fuller almost at the back, extending for the greater part of its length.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: lacking rear quillon; outide shell-guard drilled through, near edge; grip lacks wire binding and leather covering; leather 'buff-piece' survives; very extreme blade tip gone.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 883 mm (34.75 in.), Blade length, from forward side of buff-piece to tip: 733 mm (28.75 in.), Blade width, by hilt: mm (in.) Weight: g. (1 lb 11 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, inside shell-guard, facing blade, near edge, engraved: 32 (faint).On hilt, on knuckel-guard, at end (by pommel), on underside, engraved: XII.On blade, on outside, near hilt, stamped: crown over 19.On blade, on tang, notches: 2 on forward edge; 1 on rear edge (visible on X-ray - see Notes).


Places Britain


For this pattern of hanger generally and for other examples, see entry for IX.373, under Notes.
An X-ray of the grip area by Dr David Starley in August 2003 (Job Code: AM 1832) showed notches on the tang: 2 on the forward edge and 1 on the rear edge (see copy of report on inv. file for IX.373).