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13 in mortar and bed - Gomer Pattern

13 in mortar and bed - Gomer Pattern



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In 1799 St.Jean d'Acre was besieged by a French force under Bonaparte. The city was defended by a Turkish garrison commanded by Djezzar Pacha aided by a British Naval force under Captain Sidney Smith (later Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, G.C.B), who was successful in capturing eight gunboats loaded with the French siege train, of which No.136 probably formed part. (St.Jean d'Acre is the modern Acre on the coast of Israel north of Haifa

Physical Description

Similar in general form to No.135 but without mouldings, except for a band at the muzzle, and less highly finished, and there are two dolphins positioned longitudinally instead of one placed transversely. The inscription 'LIBERTE EGALITE' is engraved in line with the trunnions, with AN below. The right trunnion is engraved with the weight 2575 and the left with the number 27.

Iron, of Gribeauval pattern similar to No.135 and also lacking transomes, cap-squares and quoin


Dimensions: Length:3 ft 2 in (38 in) (96.5 cm) Weight: 24 cwt 3 qtr 16 lb (1264.6 kg)


Serial Number 27


13 in _ (33 cm)


Places France

Bibliographic References

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