Object Title

Halberd Langet

Halberd Langet



Object Number


Inscriptions and Marks

A 4 4 R V B


Places Europe


This entry formerly bore the number VII.1015, but there proved to be another object under this number (Record 32516). The location given was Loan L12 (Edinburgh Castle). The Loans Team visited in November 1991 and confirmed they couuld find no object numbered VII.1015, but there was an 'Artillery Sergeant's Spontoon' (almost certainly a halberd) numbered VII.1075 which was then not on the computer. It was therefore assumed that VII.1015 had been entered inerror for VII.1075, and this entry was changed accordingly. However, as soon as possible, this halberd should be checked for the markings noted by the Valuation team (VTR/LO/12, p.46) - 2 B ARTy 28 - which do not agree with those above (in S/DES), the latter apparently being those noted by the Valuation Team on VII.2276 (VTR, ibid.).